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Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers (& I)

Updated: May 14, 2023

And I hope that everyone is enjoying it as much as I am. Had a very special coffee made for me first thing in the morning, spent most of the day in the garden, making everything beautiful and now have a dinner to look forward to that I am being treated to. Magnolia out front is done blooming, but many other blooms are taking a centre stage. Tomato patch has been planted, and Ken has created a drip water system reusing an old hose. Vegetable garden is also planted with all the seeds, such as sunflowers, rainbow chard, zucchini, varieties of beans, peas, kale and some flowers to pretty it up. Marigolds have been seeded all around the tomato patch and are coming up already. Some flowerbeds have already been edged and cleaned up for the second time already, others are still waiting their turn. Love making everything beautiful!

P.S. The pool is almost open as well.

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