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Breakfast Parfaits & Other Fruit

Updated: May 3, 2023

A great way to start a breakfast to enjoy your morning drink and allow some time for the main course to be prepared. A win/win for guests and hosts alike. All ready to assemble... and the result. These breakfast starters a part of our delicious breakfast included with every stay. Cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit and berries. Toppings vary according to the seasons and are somewhat different every morning for variety. We love fruit in general, there is always a nicely filled fruit basket in the lounge area as well as guest suites.

The only thing we do differently, when we have breakfasts as a family, is that, I serve them in a platter family style. Fruit also are great to decorate, especially if it's free :) Can't help myself and share our thanksgiving platter from last year, all ready for the turkey. It is decorated with our concord grapes we have growing along our fence and patio.

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