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Ontario's West Coast Duck Confit

Updated: May 27

This French classic will be slowly roasted all day long. Then it will be aged in its own juices and crisped in the oven for a traditional presentation later. McIntosh Farms duck legs will be used and fresh herbs from our garden.

Finally, the sauce... We added local Maple Syrup (the amber variety) from Hoovers in order to make a truly Canadian version of this European classic. Duck fat is superb for cooking potatoes and they seem to be a natural side to this dish. As for other sides, we switch the sides according to the season to make the dish timely, authentic and conductive the mood of the moment. In the summer it may be Arugula and Cherry Toss, which is cool and refreshing, while in the winter we add other vegetables to roast along the potatoes for a more hearty version that cooler weather calls for.

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