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Hard at Work: Duck & Roses

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What a gorgeous Easter Sunday! Beautiful Sunshine, warm, up to 12 degrees is expected today. This lets us accomplish two very important tasks today.

The Great Duck Confit Experiment

This French classic will be slowly roasted all day long. Some of it we will try today for dinner and the rest will be aged in its own juices and frozen for a traditional presentation later. Duck legs from a local farmer will be used and fresh herbs that have been growing here indoors all winter. This is going to be part of our Summer Menu I am currently developing. Really hoping for this recipe to work out, so that the confit can be made on cool rainy days during the summer and served on hot days, since only a skin crisp will be required and a killer sauce of some sort. So far, on my short list for the sauce is Maple Prune Whiskey (better: Rum!). This will be my personal creation and a fusion by adding local Maple Syrup (probably the dark variety) in order to make a truly Canadian version of this European classic. Today I will try Pinto Beans for the side (have been soaked overnight and ready to go), but may go to a more traditional French side later, such as Brown Lentils.

Hello, Roses!

Yes, they have survived the winter and the hordes of bunnies. And while the duck confit is slowly simmering in its own juices, I will be taking care of my rose babies. It is time to prune what bunnies haven't ))) (Slackers!), uncover their root buds from winter hibernation and apply dormant spray against overwintering pests, black spot and powder mildew. All the while getting some sunshine and picturing in my mind all the blooms that are soon to come.

What's not to like! Wishing everyone a great Easter weekend. Hoping you are having as much fun as we are.

Happy End: Behold Duck Confit & Spring Ready Gardens

We decided to use rum instead of whiskey in the sauce and the result was fantastic, our new specialty: Ontario's West Coast Rum and Maple Sauce.

Now, a busy week ahead.... Hurray!...

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