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Not Your "Average" Jambalaya

I don't know about you, but my experience ordering a Jambalaya at many different restaurants has always been nothing but a disappointment until I learned how to make it myself. After all, such a flamboyant dish, boasting so many various ingredients must be a bit more than a mound of rice with tiny overcooked particles in it and a couple of strategically placed shrimp on top, right? At least this is what I thought. Fortunately, in the age of technology a quick Google search pointed me to this recipe: I was shocked to find out that a Jambalaya is supposed to have a lot of things in it, and that they should be easily identifiable and colourful (vs boiled up little bits).

I am so happy I found you, my precious, this wonderful recipe, that has allowed by to master the art of making a spectacular Jambalaya that I have been treating my family, friends and guests for many years now.

Lo and behold, our Specialty Jambalaya. I made this dish last week just for Ken and I on his birthday, in order to give me the opportunity to take some really good pictures and to create this post to showcase this beautiful dinner option that we offer our guests. I do not photograph dishes when we serve them to guests as it would not be appropriate to let them go cold while we are fussing over them taking pictures. Even Ken was a little grouchy that he had to wait while I was taking my time with the pictures. But it was so good once he tried it, that I was immediately forgiven. Plus, I also made a KETO version just for Ken, without the rice in it. I should probably also mention that I make our Jambalaya rather mild and serve a freshly sliced Jalapeno pepper on the side, so that everyone can adjust the heat to their liking. Finally, here are the pictures:

If you love Southern Cooking, give our Jambalaya a try as a Dinner Option. Upon booking you can add a 3 Course Dinner as an Extra Add On to your stay. After the reservation is complete will contact you shortly with our Menu ,so that you can select your courses and provide us with any special diet or other important information to create a menu plan just for you. Book your stay now or get in touch with us any time if you have any questions.

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