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Special Diets? We got it!

I always enjoy the challenge of adapting classic recipes in order to accommodate dietary requirements. Yesterday I had the perfect opportunity to create a spectacular Black Forest Cake for Ken's birthday. This has always been his favorite, but way too high on carbs and sugar. Here is my version of a KETO Black Forest Cake made with Almond Flour and Volupta Erythritol & Monk Fruit Extract Sweetener. It is low carb and sugar free. Fairly easy to make! And it is gluten free as well. Could also be made dairy free, but at this point it was not required.

Are you on a special diet and wary of traveling overnight because you are uncertain if you will be able to eat well and avoid the offending ingredients? Come stay with us! We will email you Our Menu upon your booking and will create a menu plan just for you. And not only for breakfast, but for the optional meals we offer to prepare for our guests and serve in our beautiful dining room or al fresco weather permitting.

Book your stay now or please get in touch any time if you have any questions or if you would like our KETO Black Forest Cake recipe.

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