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Since we are so close to Stratford, I thought I should post some helpful info in regards to this recent new tax adoption. Although, it does not affect us, this could be very helpful for those booking accommodations in Stratford - Perth.

The MAT (Municipal Accommodation Tax) BY-LAW NUMBER 93-2022 will come in effect on July 1st, 2023 and will apply to all accommodation sold for a continuous period of 30 days or less within the City of Stratford. This is obviously not very good news for the inn keepers as well as travellers in the area, since now not only an additional 4% on the price of the accommodation will need to be paid by guests, but the 13% HST will be applied to this amount as well. Here is a link to the City of Stratford Website outlining this newly adopted by-law with some Frequently Asked Questions that cover all the details:

Some good news is that hotel amenities are not subject to the tax, it applies to accommodation charges only. And, of course, if strong long term relationships have been developed between guests and hosts, this little bit extra is not likely to become a deal breaker.

However... if you do not have your heart set on any particular location and would like to avoid paying this new additional tax all together, consider staying at the properties located outside of the City of Stratford boundary, but still are very close to Stratford. This can be easily accomplished by searching Google Maps for "Hotels" where some out of town properties can be found, including our Starlings & Roses Bed & Breakfast in Mitchell. Maybe we can become your favourite spot? We are only a 20 min easy and beautiful country drive from Stratford. Come Stay with us and save, no MAT TAX here: --- We hope to see you this summer or in the upcoming seasons: we are open all year.


Your Gracious Hosts & Our Greeter Bottom the Donkey (and of course, all those starlings and roses and many other birds and blooms for you to see here)

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