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Sunday Joy: Hoover's Maple Syrup Tour

I just have to share our amazing maple tour experience created by Terry & Diane at Hoover's Maple Syrup Farm. We joined an afternoon tour, which started with a high quality video presentation about how maple syrup is made. Then we had a very nice scenic walk across a field towards the sugar bush where we were met by a guide who had shown us all the interesting equipment and how the tapping process worked in practice. In the sugar bush we were surrounded by majestic tall trees, mysterious paths brightly lit by spring sunshine and azure blue sky as a beautiful backdrop. There was this atmosphere of joy and lightness, and hope, which is typical of early spring as a result of awakening and transformation of nature.

Back at the Sugar Shack we were shown the rest of the syrup making process. Terry himself gave us a very engaging tour and we learned quite a few interesting details about maple syrup. There were families on the tour and the children enjoyed it immensely. Then we were back at the shop where we got to taste and compare maple syrup flavours. I have actually committed to a specific flavour from now on based on my newly acquired knowledge, and we stocked up on maple syrup for all our delicious breakfasts as we are hoping for a busy summer season. We enjoyed every minute! Thank you, Terry & Diane.

Hoover's Maple Syrup Farm is a great choice to visit in Perth - Huron, it is located near Atwood, Ontario and is only 23 minutes from us, Starlings & Roses B&B. The drive itself is very scenic, easy and enjoyable.

For more information about Hoover's Maple Experience, please visit their website:

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