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Stratford, Ontario: Annual Swan Release Parade

Annual Swan Release is on the 1st Sunday in April at 2:00 p.m. on Lakeside and Morenz Drive in Stratford. The traffic to these streets gets blocked off. Stratford Police Bag Pipers lead the herd of swans towards the water. This event draws quite a crowd, everyone wants to get close to take a picture. My first advice would be not to worry about that. If you want a picture later there will be lots posted on social media, various Stratford Groups. You will see a couple of photo drones flying - even panoramic pictures will be available.

My second advice would be to get there at least half an hour before to try to stand in a good spot to be able to see the swans (the crowd fills in quickly). And last, but not least... I am told accommodations may be scarce in Stratford this weekend due to people wanting to come and see the swans. So, my last advice: COME STAY WITH US in Mitchell, we are only 20 min away by car to where this is happening.

Here are some amazing photos from this year's event (2023). They were taken by Will Bailey, an outstanding Stratford photographer with a genius ability to capture the beauty of nature and convey the quaint and serene atmosphere of our part of the world: Stratford, Ontario. Thank you for sharing it with us!

The Magic of Swans by Will Bailey Photography

More information about the Swan Release event can be found on the City of Stratford Website: or please get in touch with us and we will research your question.

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